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Take two minutes out of your time...


Imagine your mum was on the silver bed that they wash dead bodies upon... You make wudhu upon her and then start to wash her hair, you run your hand through her greyed hair, you remember the times she would ask you if she looked nice in what she was wearing, you remember how sweet she was and how beautiful she was in her youth, you realise this will be the last time you touch your mother in this dunya, you lift her left side over and it strikes you that she can no longer wash her own self although she was the one who used to wash you, you pour the water over her body and start to remember the times she used to wash you and clothe you and feed you and stay up at night by your side worried about you, a young boy or grown man she treated you the same, her beloved son who she would give up her world for, you take a look at her face and wish she would smile at you one last time, you realise the small things you took for granted, you remember the jokes that you used to use to make her laugh and the things that you said to please her...


You begin to shroud her body and its time to cover her face.....


You ask for one last chance to look at her beauty and kiss her upon her forehead, you shroud her and will never see her again in this life...


Upon your shoulder she is carried just as upon hers she used to carry you, no more playing, laughing, giggling, joking.. pain and crying as you carry the most important woman in your life out of your life...


You bury her and as you walk away you begin to remember the things you did that hurt her, Those words you said that she would overlook but you know bought her pain, you think about the times you chose your friends over her, your wife over her, a program you preferred to watch over her, you begin to realise you were a son that she deserved more from, you wish for one moment to hug her and tell her how sorry you are and tell her how much you appreciate her...


It's too late...


Her bed is the dust and her questioning will begin... If only you made use of your time with her before her time came to an end....


That day is coming soon ya ikhwa wa akhawat (O bros and sisters)


don't let it be a time of regret and remorse...A MOTHER IS SPECIAL

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