-By Dr Ahmed Adam 

What is Respect?

Respect means to pay special attention to someone

Respect means to show consideration;

Respect means to avoid intruding upon others;

Respect means to avoid trampling on the rights of others;

Respect means to honour someone;

Respect means to hold someone in the highest estimation;

Respect means to have an attitude of gratitude

Respect means courtesy, good manners, helpfulness,

caring, kindness, generosity, honesty and love 

If this is Respect, then. 

I respect my Parents by holding my silence and recall how they cherished me in childhood 

I respect my Children by boosting their self-esteem and encouraging them to spread their wings and fly and not discouraging them 

I respect my Marriage partner by displaying acts of kindness and help without expecting anything in return 

I respect my Neighbour by ensuring that they have bread on their table, for how can I sleep when my neighbour is hungry?

I respect my Teachers by listening, paying attention and asking questions because we are joint partners in developing my brain

I respect my Pupils by honouring their different learning styles and developing their unique brain intelligence and talents 

I respect my Customers by smiling warmly and helping them quickly with full attention because the customer is paying my salary 

I respect my Staff by showing that I care because loyal and honest staff are hard to find and they are the hidden treasures of a company

I respect my Boss by helping the company achieve its vision, mission and goals because my job feeds my family

I respect the Environment (water, soil, air, street) by not polluting it because I want to leave behind a better world for the next generation 

I respect the Animals, birds, plants, insects and fish by protecting them and not harming them, because we are all part of one cosmic whole 

I respect my fellow Drivers by giving them the right of way through courtesy and alertness so that I do not harm others through my negligence.

I pray for the safety of my fellow travellers

I respect the Poor by maintaining their dignity and not humiliating them when I offer my charity 

I respect my Country by serving its people because there is always someone who is worse off than me

I respect all Human beings irrespective of race, gender, colour, religion, ethnic origin or disability by looking at the warm inner form

and not the deceptive outer form 

I respect the opinions of others by showing tolerance because the world is my mirror – to change the world I need to change myself


Most importantly, I respect Myself by acknowledging that I am a unique and special Creation of God and as such, I honour my uniqueness. I give dignity to myself irrespective of other people’s opinions of me or my bank balance because there is no price tag to my dignity. I will not do anything that will bring shame to my community, my business, my school, my country, my religion or myself. I can only respect others, when I respect myself to the highest estimation of my soul, by developing my character, manners, conduct, morality and ethical values.