Fatima (R.A.) - The Leader of Women in Paradise

This week, I’ve chosen to speak about extremely courageous, brave, and patient young women.  While doing research and reading various books and write-ups regarding her, I really couldn’t help being brought to tears at the great amount of maturity and courage her little heart contained.

Her name was Fatima (R.A.) and she was the youngest and favorite daughter of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.).


Narrated by Aisha (R.A.)”: She bore a remarkable resemblance to Allah (S.W.T.) Messenger. Her way of speaking, sitting, standing, and walking – in other words, all her manners and gestures were exactly like his.”

Her Sparkling Personality

What I have come across numerous times about her remarkable personality was her undying perseverance and courage, patience, and maturity. She would protect her father against all odds because when Rasulallah (S.A..W.) became the Messanger of God, she was not even 10 years old. His life kind of turned around, because he immediately became the most unpopular man in Makkah.


A typical example is when Abu Jahl’s evil friends piled the filth and bowels of a camel on Muhammad (S.A.W.) while he was praying. When Fatima (R.A.) came to hear about this, she rushed to him and with her clean little hands, removed the filth and cleaned his back, furiously scolding the disbelievers.

Like Ahmed, Ghadanfar wrote in his book “Great Women of Islam” about Fatima (R.A.) “She fought like a courageous little tigress to defend her father and protect him. She would stand in front of him to shield him from the attacks of devilish men like Abu Jahl, Utbah, and Shaibah.”

So basically, Fatima (R.A.) was passing her childhood years in the shadow of all these events. Being at a tender age of 6/7, where young girls were normally found playing and having fun, she would always be found following her father, so that she could try and help him if he needed anything and protect him if anyone tried to harm him. Her love for her father was so great, that once, 10 non-believers gathered around the Prophet (S.A.W.) and one started hitting him and the other punching him, Fatima (R.A.) became angry & started reprimanding them. The Prophet (S.A.W.) said to her” Make it easy upon yourself, for verily Allah (S.W.T.) will make your father victorious.”

Compare that to us, all we ever care about is our weekends, cars, hairstyles, going shopping for that 5th pair of jeans??? We should feel that we are individually responsible for our religion, it’s not just for Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) or Fatima (R.A.) – IT’S for all of us…


Her Patience

Fatima (R.A.) had an enormous amount of patience. She went through a lot, as her mother Khadija (R.A.) died when she 10 years old and she had to constantly see her father being hurt. She lost her 3 sisters and her brothers as well. Her husband Ali (R.A.) was not rich, and she would often have nothing to eat, although this didn’t stop her from having a happy marriage.


The Prophet (S.A.W.)’s love for Fatima (R.A.)

He loved her dearly. They were really close. Whenever she visited him, he would stand up to welcome her. If he saw her happy he was pleased and if he saw her sad it grieved him. He would often say |” Fatima is a part of me and he who upsets her, upsets me”.


In his book, Asad Al – Ghabah Ibn Atheer writes that after the Prophet (S.A.W.) passed away, no one ever saw Fatima (R.A.) smile and her grief remained visible on her face till she passed away, 6 months later. When Rasulallah (S.A.W.) told her that his life on earth was coming to an end, she wept bitterly but when he told her that she would be the first to meet up with him, she smiled. He, (Muhammad [S.A.W.] said “ One day, the Angel came to me and told me the glad tiding that Fatimah (R.A.) will be the leader of the Women of Paradise.”

Her Passing On

When I got to the part of her death, it made me sad but at the same time, I thought it was the most beautiful way a person could be taken away from this world. It was peaceful and what more of a better way to leave, knowing you would move on to meet Muhammad (S.A.W.) in Paradise,  the place where happiness is absolute.


Fatima (R.A.) woke up one morning unusually happy.  During that day she had a bath and asked for her bed to be placed in the center of their courtyard. When her husband saw her, he asked her what was wrong,  and she smiled and said “ I have an appointment today with the Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.). Ali (R.A.) then began crying and she tried to console him. She then turned to face the Qiblah, closed her eyes, and fell fast asleep, never to awake…

May Allah (S.W.T) grant us all the courage, piety, patience, and maturity of Hadhrat Fatima (R.A.) I.A.