When we were in Jamaat, in about the year 1400 Hijri (1979), we met an elderly priest, who had accepted Islam.

3 Advices from a Priest who accepted Islam Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem By Moulana Abdul Hamid Is’haq When we were in Jamaat, in about the year 1400 Hijri (1979), we met an elderly priest, who had accepted Islam. He was about 80 years of age & was from France. Prior to his acceptance of Islam, he was drawn to & loved Islam & the Muslims very greatly & very dearly. On that basis, he built a Masjid for the Muslims in his locality, since the Muslims had no place of worship. On completion of the Masjid, he handed the keys of the Masjid to them so that they could commence with & establish their Salaah in congregation. …Sadly, as is common, those Muslims began to fight amongst themselves as to who would be the chairman, the secretary, etc. The priest then took the keys back & said to them: “I did not have the Masjid built for fights & arguments. I had it build for the Ibaadah (worship) of اللّه (Jalla Jalaaluhu)!” Alhamdulillah, اللّه Ta’ala opened all doors for his Hidayat (Guidance) & he accepted Islam. On meeting him, he shared with us 3 special advices. They were: 1. “Never give up the Azaan. …Wherever u are, always call out the Azaan. U people do not know what effect the Azaan has on us Christians! We enjoy hearing the words of Azaan!" Of course, this does not mean that we increase the volume of our mike-systems & wake up the entire neighbourhood at the time of Fajr. There must be consideration also for the non-Muslims, who will be sleeping. At such a time, the mike system should not be used. Disturbing them – especially in the early hours of the morning, when they are asleep – creates animosity towards Islam & Muslims. They then object to us having Masaajid & having our programmes, because of our inconsideration. Then we are a poor reflection of the noble teachings of Islam! May اللّه Ta'ala guide us & give us the understanding.. “Always perform ur Salaah – wherever you are! …Whether it is the Masjid, along the roadside, at a filling station, railway station, etc., perform ur Salaah. …The postures of Salaah have a tremendous effect on our hearts. The Ruku – the posture of bowing down, & the Sajdah – the posture of prostrating, impacts upon our hearts greatly.” …On one occasion, after spending time with my Sheikh, Hadhrat Moulana Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb (Rahmatullahi ‘alayh), I was returning home from Nigel. Since the Salaah time had set in, I stopped at a filling station & read my Salaah on one side. After completing the Salaah, the petrol attendant came up to me & asked me: “What were u doing?” I explained to him about Salaah & he responded: “This is wonderful! I l♡ve it! I will also do this every night before going to bed!” On another occasion, when returning from Durban by air, we arrived at sunset. When I entered the terminal building of the OR Tambo airport, I completed my Maghrib Salaah, on one side. Not aware, but the security personnel was observing me all the time. After the Salaah, he approached me & enquired from me as to what I was doing. Again, I explained to him that I was praying, etc. He also expressed his great appreciation at such a wonderful prayer, with such beautiful postures! Sadly, we do not appreciate what اللّه Jalla Jalaaluhu & His Rasul (Sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) have given to us, of this beautiful & perfect Dien! …The enemies of Islam, understanding the effect of our Salaah, have deliberately accommodated us with prayer rooms at airport terminals & other places. This is with the intention that our prayers be concealed & hidden away from the people; otherwise the Salaah, on its own, is a great means of Da’wah & invitation to Islam. We think it is a noble gesture that they grant us facilities for Salaah but the reality is that they do not want our Salaah to be seen – because of its great influence & sway on hearts! “Never give up ur Islamic dressing. U do not realise it, but this dressing leaves a deep impression on our hearts & has a very great influence upon us! …The Sunnah Libaas & the beard have always been the dressing of the Men of اللّه & its beauty & Noor draws hearts…. The same effect is felt when seeing those Muslim women covered in their modest & concealing dressing (that is, the Hijaab & Niqaab).” These were the advices of a learned priest who had accepted Islam. He was not making any assumptions. He was presenting these advices from experience & observation. Many first hand experiences prove these same advices to be so true.