. VERILY WE HAVE REVEALED THE BOOK TO THEE IN TRUTH, FOR (INSTRUCTING) HUMANKIND. HE, THEN, THAT RECEIVES GUIDANCE BENEFITS HIS OWN SOUL: BUT HE THAT STRAYS INJURES HIS OWN SOUL. NOR ART THOU SET OVER THEM TO DISPOSE OF THEIR AFFAIRS.(Quran 39:41) Many theories, formulas and solutions have been offered by various writers, philosophers, thinkers, poets, phsycho-analysts, politicians, etc. About how to live happy and successful lives. No doubt they may have made some valuable contributions in uplifting humanity. But none can compare with the proven and perfect Quranic Formula for success and happiness. Almighty Allah informs very clearly in His book: "WE HAVE SEND DOWN(STAGE BY STAGE) IN THE QURAN THAT WHICH IS A HEALING AND A MERCY TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE……."(17:82) The Holy Quran is a book of beautiful, inspiring, uplifting and dynamic teachings. It gives Guidance on every aspect of life, including the physical, mental, moral, spiritual, intellectual, social, political, economical and scientific. It’s aim is to guide humanity towards their duties and responsibilities, towards righteousness, peace, happiness, prosperity, dignity, honour, freedom and justice for all. The Quran teaches humanity wisdom, understanding, love and mercy, so that we can understand ourselves and the beautiful creation around us and learn to live successfully and harmoniously and learn to function as decent, dignified and civilised human beings on earth, and to achieve salvation and success also in the Hereafter. "AND WE HAVE EXPLAINED TO MAN IN THIS QURAN EVERY KIND OF SIMILITUDE…"(Quran-17:89) THE FUNCTION OF THE HOLYQURAN IS TO ENJOIN THE GOOD AND FORBID THE EVIL The Holy Quran promotes purity, chastity, decency, cleanliness, righteousness, sexual morality, love, peace, justice, equality and brotherhood,-and enjoins everything that is good and forbids anything that is evil or harmful to our physical, moral, intellectual or spiritual well being. Therefore such harmful elements such as consuming pork, alcohol etc; and such harmful practices like gambling, usury,pornography,adultery,prostitutiion,backbiting,superstions,idolatry,witchcraft, dishonesty, murder, rapes, suicides, worshipping of idols or any man-made gods are strictly forbidden. The Holy Quran constantly reminds humanity to live a pure, clean and righteous life. To worship the only one true God(Allah),to establish regular prayers and practice regular charity, to always enjoin the good and forbid the evil and to eat good, pure, lawful and nourishing foods, and live a life of peace, harmony, mercy, love and brotherhood. THE NOBLEST OF YOU IN THE SIGHT OF ALLAH IS HE OR SHE WHO IS BEST IN CONDUCT (Quran-49:13) No other book can provide humanity with such Perfect Guidance. It is an undeniable and historical fact that the Holy Quran is the only unpolluted book in existence today. It has remained unchanged throughout the passage of time. It is the same message that was revealed to the Holy Prophet Muhummed (peace be upon him) some fourteen centuries ago. It remains unchanged to the last dot to this very day.It is the most modern, up to date, dynamic and positive book that has the solutions for the major problems of modern day lifestyles of countless man, women and youth. VERILY THIS IS NO LESS THAN A MESSAGE TO ALL THE WORLDS (Quran-81:27) So let us all change and uplift our lives from darkness, ignorance, depression, anxieties, fears, worries, negativism and untold human suffering, misery and hardships to one of peace, happiness, prosperity, success, and eternal salvation, through he Eternal Teachings of the Holy Quran-The greatest Miracle and Mercy for humanity, for it alone guarantees success and happiness for all. Let’s try it! We have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. Almighty Allah reminds us:"WE HAVE SEND DOWN THE BOOK-AL-QURAN EXPLAINING ALL THINGS, A GUIDE, A MERCY AND BLESSINGS UNTO BELIEVERS AND A REMEDY FOR ALL ILLS."(Quran-16:89)