Purpose of Life

the Spiritual Quest by Dr Ahmed Adam 


[Please read this out of curiosity 7 compare to your own views about your Life’s Purpose – it may be a life-transforming experience. A list of concepts is given which serves as a summary of a much more detailed thesis on this topic]


Treat everyone you meet with kindness and politeness. Every person has a burden to bear. Your smile and kind words may just make a beautiful difference in another person’s life. When a person is rude to you, be polite. If a person is vulgar and crude, respond politely -Dr Ahmed Adam


FIRST: we are all experiencing the Material Terrestrial Physical Dimension on Earth; this physical experience of 100 years is sandwiched between the 2 Spiritual Transcendental Eternities: the Eternity of the Past and the Eternity of the Future. Paradoxically, we do not exist on Earth: 100 years on Earth divided by Eternity= Zero. Yet, this brief Earthly experience, will determine our ultimate outcome for the rest of Eternity depending on the free choices that we make on how we wish to live our life. “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience -Teilhard de Chardin”

SECOND: For many people, the question of “What is the Purpose of Life?” is usually dependent upon whether we believe in God or not. Certain sections of the Scientific community (for example, Evolutionists) assume that Religious people are stupid, while certain sections of Religious communities (for example, Creationists) assume that the Scientific community is stupid with regard to the question of “Origin of Life” and the “Existence of a Merciful, Kind and Loving Supernatural Supreme Creator, referred to as God”. I am not here to debate the pros and cons of this dichotomous thinking, but instead, my job is simply to focus on our Purpose in Life.


THIRD: Who are we? We are all products of our environment [this is the information we absorb by “osmosis” from family, friends, school, parents, teachers, the one-eyed-babysitter (TV), neighbourhood, country etc.) that determine our built-in prejudices, biases, love or hate and dislike of people, Religions, cultures and nations that are not the same as us. These ideas originate in our childhood and are then re-enforced as we grow older until they become firmly entrenched in our brain, and this determines our view of the world, whether good or bad. Each of us is a unique human being: hence, our “Purpose in Life” is often shaped by our upbringing and environment. Some people set Goals for success in this World (material success); some people set Goals for success in this World and the Next World (material and Spiritual success); some people don’t set any Goals and simply live each day like the next (similar to a photocopy machine that prints out the same tasks, day-after-day, with little change)


FOURTH, Everybody is given a unique talent and gift: your first job is to find your Talent and then use it in pursuit of giving meaning to your Purpose in Life. The starting point in determining your Purpose in Life is to find answers to such questions as: Who Created me? Why was I Created? Why am I born in a certain country in a certain age (for example, born in 2000 and not year 1000)? Who is God? Are there many gods? What does God expect from me? Did I fall from a tree as an Ape by natural selection and random mutations, or was I Created by a Supremely Intelligent, Kind, Merciful and Compassionate Creator? If I cannot find the correct answer to the first question “Who Created me?”, then my entire life on Earth is a delusion and meaningless existence, because then I will not have good answers for the rest of the questions. I will demonstrate briefly why there can only be One God for all human beings and all of Creation. Our Mission is to find Him and then understand His Mission for each and every one of us by following His Guidance for all of Mankind. Every car, every washing machine and every cell-phone comes with a “Manual of Instructions” from the manufacturer. Similarly, because Human Beings have been “manufactured” or “Created”, they too deserve a Manual of Instructions from their Creator. The Creator sent many Manuals over thousands of years, but they were either lost or became contaminated by human interference. The Holy Qur’an is the Final and Latest Manual of Instructions from the Creator for the benefit of all of Mankind, irrespective of race, religion, ideology or country of origin. This Manual affirms emphatically without a shadow of a doubt, that there is Only ONE True God in the Entire Universe (whether you accept it or not; it is more than likely that for some people, their brain cannot grasp this Concept). Furthermore, Islam is the Religion of Truth and is the ONLY Religion acceptable to the ONE TRUE GOD for all of Mankind (whether you like this Truth or not). Islam is the Primordial Religion that came with the very 1st Prophet to the Final Prophet (Peace be upon them all) Islam is not a new Religion as some people mistakenly believe; in fact, Islam came with the First Man and Woman on Earth; they all preached the fundamental Truth that God is One, and that all of Creation worships this One True God, except some human beings. Hence, Muslims find contentment because they are in harmony with the rest of Creation in the Heavens and the Earth, in that they are all worshipping the One True God. Mankind has been Created by Allah (Sub'ha'na'hu Wa Ta'ala), the One and Only True God and by no one else; humans have not been Created by any other “god” or “man” or “woman” or “saint” or “prophet” or “idol” or “alien” and neither have humans evolved from Fish or Apes. However, it is your God-Given-right and freedom to believe in the “Theory” of Evolution that your great-grandfather was an Ape, and I respect your decision. It is also your right to believe that Jesus (Peace be upon him) or anyone else is your Lord (whether right or wrong). If you “believe” that Jesus (peace be upon him) is your Lord and God, then also ask yourself why he did not create humans or the planets or the oceans or all the animals on Earth? If Jesus (Peace be upon him) came for all Mankind, then surely he should have appeared at the beginning of Creation and not at the end stage of the World? The One True God can lift entire Stars, Galaxies & Mountains without any effort, yet Jesus (Peace be upon him) struggled to even carry his own wooden cross. Why? Furthermore, if Jesus is “Lord” or the “Son of God”, why does he not have the “strength” to overpower his enemies and climb down from the Cross? Surely, an all-powerful “god” cannot be kidnapped, tortured, humiliated, interrogated and put on display with steel spikes through his limbs in the company of thieves? Please also remember that only Adam and Eve (Peace be upon them both) did not have umbilical cords (they were Created, they were not born), but every human and Prophet after that, including Jesus (Peace be upon him) all had/have umbilical cords (i.e. a navel) because they have all been delivered from a womb. On the other hand, I firmly believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that Human Beings, have been Created [by an All-Loving Supreme Creator with Might and Power and Supreme Intelligence] in the Best of Moulds and have been Granted the Gift of Intelligence and the Rational Intellect to discern right from wrong, and to use their faculties of observation, namely, Seeing, Hearing, Touch, Taste and Smell, to Witness the Signs of God in every act of Creation. If you see a motorcar, you instinctively know that someone designed it and then built it. A car does not grow out of a torch battery over millennia. If you see a house, you instinctively know that someone designed it and then built it. A house does not grow out from a small brick over several millennia. Both the car and the House [and other structures such as the Pyramids, City of Petra, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Ancient Inca Civilisation, the Tomb of Soldiers in China etc.] are “SIGNS” or “EVIDENCE” of “engineers, technicians, architects, builders, electricians, labourers etc.” even though you no longer see them. But you instinctively know by reason and common sense, that somewhere in a factory, a car is being built. Evolutionists and those who reject their Creator, are in serious error in their thinking. They have not yet awakened their Spiritual enlightenment which is a far higher stage of intellectual development than the physical dimension. Deeply Religious people may not know everything about Science, but they know a great deal about the Spiritual Dimension and the Eternal Life to follow. Men and women who reject Creation, reject the One True God and deny the Resurrection (life after Death) should ponder over the many Verses in the Qur’an which opened the gateway for the Scientific Method (skill of meticulous Observation) which led to the Love for Knowledge among Muslims, from the Cradle to the Grave. It is Allah (Sub'ha'na'hu Wa-Ta'ala) Alone Who has Created the Seven Heavens, the Earth and everything else with awe-inspiring mathematical Precision and mesmerizing Beauty; even though we can only Observe the Lowest Heaven comprising Trillions upon Trillions of Stars, this alone is sufficient to produce a scintillating effect on the Human Intellect. Similarly, even though we cannot see God, He has left for us this Entire Universe for us to study and ponder over His Trillions of Signs of His Existence. Furthermore, this Supreme Creator has honoured us with direct communication with Him at all times without the need for a Priest or any other intermediary: this has relieved Mankind from a great burden. The Qur’an keeps urging the reader to observe the Signs of your Lord in the Heavens, the Earth and within yourselves. This emphasis on deep pondering, thinking and using the intellect to arrive at a rational conclusion, is a unique feature of the Qur’an since it encourages belief based on reason and logic. For example, the Signs of the Existence of God are clearly evident from the tiniest sub-atomic spinning particle, to the Magnificent Expanding Galaxies, and from the tiniest drop of crimson blood to the fabulously intricate mind-boggling double-helix DNA Molecule, to the blazing Sun, the tranquil Moon, innumerable twinkling Stars, Quasars, Pulsars, Red Giants, White Dwarfs, Black Holes, anti-matter,  burnt-orange sunsets, Baby-blue Skies, pastel Rainbows, 4000 year old Trees, fresh-water lakes, salt lakes, mystical Rivers, majestic waterfalls, Haunting Deserts with shifting dunes and moving rocks, incredible Oceans, craggy Mountains, delicate cotton-candy Clouds, twisters & hurricanes, thunder & lightning, Day and Night, Blue Glaciers, White Cliffs of Dover, Animals on Lands, Graceful Birds in Flight, Millions of Species of swarming Insects and Bats, dazzling Marine Life, the delicate Coral Reefs, the Magical Forests in the Ocean, the fiery Volcanoes both on land and under the Sea, and the wonderful Polar Ice Caps...all of these and billions more (including the amazing physiology, anatomy, neurology, cardiology, osteology, ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, myology, endocrinology and trillions of cells of the human body), all bear the Flawless Signature of the Creator that is so clearly evident in the awesome Artistry in Nature as well as in all things that are “Science” – such as: Gravity; Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion, Newton’s Laws, Speed of Light,  Relativity, Molecular Chemistry, Mathematics, Human Circulation, Respiration, amazing Brain etc.. In Islam there is perfect harmony between Faith and Science: each one strengthens the other instead of being divisive in nature. A Human Being has a Choice: there is NO compulsion in the Religion of Islam: no one has the right to force you to become a Muslim or to believe in God or not to believe in God; Faith is a personal choice and is the matter of the heart between you and your Creator. You either believe that you are a Magnificent Handiwork of a Powerful All-Loving God, Who has Created you with fabulous talents and potentials and has placed you on Earth to test you (to rise above your circumstances) or you can simply scoff and say that "there is no Religion" or “there is no God” and that you have simply been an Ape who has dropped from a tree to now live on land; that is fine. It is YOUR choice, and people should respect you for your choice and neither scorn nor mock nor insult you. You have common sense and intelligence and you have made a choice that makes sense to you. It does not make your choice correct…it simply means that you have made a choice for better or for worse. Similarly, the Believers in Allah have made a CHOICE based on the Truth in the Qur’an that they believe in the One True God, without a shadow of a doubt. I love Islam and I am honoured to be a Muslim who worships the Supreme Creator of all that exists. I am passionate about my Religion (including Science and Medicine) and I do not have to apologise to anyone about my personal beliefs. Believers respect all of creation and all of Humanity irrespective of race, Religion or ideology, because they know that all humans have originated from the same ONE source, thus forming the “Family of Humanity”. Ergo, it would be nice if atheists and agnostics and people of other faiths who don’t know much about Islam, or the Prophet Mohamed or the Qur’an or the Muslims, are more polite or respectful in their discussions instead of being so arrogant, vitriolic, mocking and ignorant while spewing hatred and lies – it just makes you look like a childish, boorish, ignorant, cruel and pathetic bully who has no other Purpose in Life. Most people who hate Islam and Reject Allah, their Theological Knowledge about Islam is less than that of a 5 year old kid in Kindergarten School. What many people forget is that in the End however, there are 2 (two) ABSOLUTE Guarantees for every human being from the Prince to the Pauper irrespective of race, religion, ideology, nationality, wealth or intelligence: First Guarantee: You will die one day. Second Guarantee: You will finally get to meet the One True God, Allah (SWT - the all Merciful) Who Created you. There is no doubt about these Meetings. The Day you stand in front of God, you will be all alone: no cell-phone, no internet, no ATM, no lawyers, no money, no bail, no family or friends to support you. There is no escape. God has been a Witness to your whole Life; your Guardian Angels (who protect you) and your Recording Angels (the one on the Left shoulder writes down your sins, while the one on your Right Shoulder writes down your good actions): hence, you are never alone, but under 24/7 CCTV camera observation from your moment of birth to your Death. Your whole life will be Revealed (including the good or vulgar things that you have written on the Internet or Media); depending on how you lived your life on Earth, your status will be raised higher than the Angels or lower than the animals; and if you rejected the One True God (Allah), you need clear, logical rational explanations as to why you rejected Him, and why you spoke lies about Him and His Messengers, when His Signs of Existence are all around us. To each be his/her own. To you be your way, and to me be my way. However, those who reject Allah (Sub'ha'na'hu Wa Ta'ala) will face torment after torment in Eternity- some people wrongly and tragically assume that they will get a free pass into Paradise. My wish for the Unbelievers [those who reject Allah (Sub'ha'na'hu Wa Ta'ala)] is this: I am not abandoning you; I am not going to respond by pointing out the many (man-made politically motivated) errors in your own Scriptures –that is not your fault. You have sincerely believed your priests and elders whether right or wrong; but when you face God, you will be all alone. Hence, instead of condemning or criticising or responding to the many hateful and hurtful comments against Muslims on numerous websites by ill-informed people, I am offering you a Royal, Pure Gold, Diamond-encrusted Shimmering Invitation for you to embrace the Truth of Islam with your mind, body and Soul. Your Life on Earth is very short as mentioned in the Introduction. You do not even make a blip on the Timescale of Life, yet some people are so audacious as to assume and genuinely believe that there is no God or insist in believing in their own version of god. Wow. What are they waiting for? Don’t they study the mesmerizing complexity, mathematical precision and flawless structure of the Atom, the Brain, the Galaxies, the Cardiovascular system, the DNA double-helix and even the human eye? Are they so naïve as to wait for the Day when they finally get to see God coming down with His Trillions of Angels? Then it will be too late. To believe in God, means to have unshakeable FAITH in the Unseen. But Science only measures and studies that which can be seen, observed and measured (known as the Principle of Observation which forms the Foundation of the Scientific Principle/Method). Hence, Science will never, ever be able to develop the Technology to “see” God. Never!  Absence of evidence of God, is not evidence of the absence of God. Hence, Science and Spirituality or Science and Religion are at odds with regard to the Existence of God. That is why there is the Truth known as FAITH in the UNSEEN. What is the point of Belief if everyone sees God every day?  It’s like a Scientist saying: I believe in a Tree because I can see it. Ironically, many Scientists have not seen their own Brain – yet they “believe” that they have a Brain – that is “Faith in the Unseen”! The Conundrum of Life is that you ONLY get permission to see God after you are dead (Death is not the “end” – it is simply a transition from one form of existence to another – like a caterpillar becoming a beautiful butterfly), and then you have no chance of changing your mind or returning to Earth to get a second chance. You only get one shot at Life…It is then too late for tears. How can you reject the Faith in Allah? - Seeing that you were without Life (before being born you were not existing for Eternity or at least for 14,5 Billion years since the Beginning of the known Physical Universe), and He Gave you your Life (so that you can grow in your mother’s womb and live on Earth) – every human being is born pure and without any sin (unlike the concept of “original sin” in some Religions); then will He cause you to Die (everyone dies: no one can escape Death even if you fly away with a Spaceship or freeze yourself in Liquid Nitrogen), and will again bring you to Life (every human being from the 1st to the Last will be Raised to Life again after Death-known as the Resurrection); and again to Him will you return (to face Allah (Sub'ha'na'hu Wa Ta'ala) on the Day of Judgement to be punished or forgiven for Eternity: no one can carry your sins on their shoulders; Jesus (Peace be upon him) did not die for your sins nor is he part of a “trinity” –he is simply a Great Messenger from Allah, the Supreme Creator: no one can die for your sins; it is like saying: I killed the King and I tortured and killed 10 innocent children, but my uncle said he will go to jail for me. Really? That type of warped thinking and brainwashing will not work in any Court on Earth and it will most certainly not work in God’s Court and His Divine Justice. Life is about taking responsibility for your actions. If you commit a sin, you are responsible for it: why put the blame on an innocent person? Please also remember that God, in His Infinite Power, is watching all your Deeds and sins even behind closed doors or dark dungeons; the plotting and planning, lies and falsehoods of some Governments are all being Witnessed and they will all be Revealed on the Day of Judgement. Every innocent life that has been killed will have the opportunity to face its killer whether it is a serial killer or a President or the millions of unsolved rapes, cold cases and massacres of entire villages hidden in mass graves. The simplest of many questions on Judgement Day will be: Did you Believe in Allah (Sub'ha'na'hu Wa Ta'ala), your Creator, or did you reject Him?


The Supreme Creator would like His best creation to return to Him safely after their Trial on Earth is over. Hence, in His Mercy and Love for Humanity, He sent 124,000 Prophets to every Nation on Earth with Guidance and the identical Core Message: There is no god worthy of worship, except Allah, the One True God. All the Prophets (Peace be upon them all) are Muslims (people who submit their free will and desires to the Will of Allah), and those few people who sincerely followed their Prophets in each generation, were also Muslims. Furthermore, everything that has been Created (atoms; Galaxies; Trees; Flowers; animals; plants; fish etc.) all worship their Creator, Allah (Sub'ha'na'hu Wa Ta'ala) Alone. Hence, anything and everything that worships Allah (Sub'ha'na'hu Wa Ta'ala) Alone, is a Muslim. Hence, everything in the Universe is “Muslim” and 2 Billion out of 7 Billion people are Muslims. Ergo, Muslims are in harmony with the rest of Creations in all of the Universes, while those people who are not Muslims, are in dis-harmony with the rest of the Universe. It is this harmony and sense of belonging, that gives Muslims their peace, contentment and the Hope for the Eternal (real) Life after Death. Furthermore, it is important to understand that All the Divine Scriptures are from the SAME One True God. Hence, the Author (that is, God and not human beings), has the Absolute Right to add or remove from HIS Books, whatsoever He wishes, depending on the TIME period in which His Books were Revealed – it is not plagiarism as some ignorant people keep parroting. For example, a University Professor writes a Book: 1st Edition, then a Revised 2nd Edition a few years later …7th Edition etc. All the books will be similar, with some changes as new knowledge is added. University and College Students know that it is best to study from the latest Edition because it contains the latest knowledge and supersedes the earlier Books. It is really a stupid student who will accuse the Professor of plagiarising his own books. It is for this reason that Muslims respect the Qur’an (the only Divine Book that has not been tampered with by humans) and all other Divine Books in their Original form (not the current distorted forms that have been corrupted by pressure from Politicians) and respect every single Prophet (Peace be upon them all), since the Books and the Prophets have all come from Allah, the One and Only True God (Exalted be His Name). Remember, it is Allah, Who has Created for you, all things that are on Earth; moreover, His Design Comprehended the Heavens, for He Gave Order and Perfection, to the Seven Firmaments; and of all things, He has Perfect Knowledge. Read Islam from Authentic Sources, spring-clean the garbage in your head, remove the chain around your brain and hopefully, if you search God with absolute sincerity, God will indeed show you the Straight Way. The Qur’an has the Spiritual GPS coordinates to Light your way back Home through the complex mazes of confusion and darkness. If you turn your back on God, he will most surely abandon you now and for all Eternity, an outcome far worse than Death.


FIFTH: The malicious lies, myths, falsehoods, fear, Islamophobia and ignorance surrounding the terms “terrorist” or “suicide bomber” or “911” or “Jihad” or “Hijab” or “Islam” or “Muslim” or “Qur’an” or “Sha’riah” or “Mohamed” or “Allah” are so far away from the Truth, that it would take several Volumes just to show the woeful ignorance of the Islamophobes and haters of Islam. These enemies of Islam fail to comprehend that their remarks are emotionally traumatic to the vast majority of innocent Muslims who are simply battling to earn a living and provide for their family and worship their Lord in Peace which is a fundamental right. Such foul-mouthed abusers and internet trolls are worse than arrogant racists and miserable bigots and hence I will not even touch on those topics in this limited space. Insofar as the Ban on the Hijab is concerned in some countries, it is important to remember that Pious, honourable, morally upright and respectable Women throughout the History of Human Civilization, have always covered their hair and bosom – [for example, Honourable Mary, mother of Jesus (peace be upon them both); furthermore, from Early Victorian days to the current age, millions of women of all nationalities and Religions have worn hats of various shapes and designs to “cover” the hair. So what is the difference between a “hat” and a “cloth” that covers the head? A Hijab is simply a polo-neck with a Scarf. The Hijab is not a new form of dress code brought in by Islam. Those countries that ban the Hijab are simply saying that they don't like the dress code of Mother Theresa, Nuns and Mary (Peace be upon her) and they don’t want good, beautiful, intelligent, respectable, drug-free, alcohol-free pious women in their country, because they prefer the foul-mouthed, half-dressed, cocaine-snorting drunk women parliamentarians and entertainment celebrities sitting next to them having adulterous relationships while smiling like reptiles into cameras. That is your freedom of choice for which you will have to answer to your Creator when you meet Him.


SIXTH: The basic questions that intrigue all (or most) of us are: where did I come from? What am I supposed to do here on Earth? Why was I born now, and not in the year 1400 or 2400? Where am I headed? What is my Final Destination? How do I know if I have succeeded in my Mission/Purpose in Life? Is my Goal to be the Richest person in the Cemetery, or is my Goal to find my True Purpose and then live my life with honour, dignity and respect for all creation big and small, until the Day that I finally meet my Maker and give Him an account of my Life on Earth (though He Knows better). Those people who sincerely have an unshakeable belief in the One True God, the biggest question on every believers mind is: Have I succeeded in earning the Pleasure of my Creator or have I achieved His Displeasure and Disappointment in me, knowing full well, that He has Created me and all Human Beings in the Best of Moulds and the Best of Creations. This is the basis of Islam. In simple terms, a Muslim is a follower of the Religion of Islam. The root letters S-L-M mean “PEACE”; ISLAM; MUSLIM; SALAAM all mean peace. A Muslim attains a State of Peace and contentment when he/she submits his (wild and untamed) free-will, driven by passion and desire, to be in harmony with the Divine Will and the rest of creation, so that the individual lives a morally upright life, which is pious, helpful, well-mannered, kind, gentle and compassionate. The starting point of any form of Success is to have a Goal and a Definiteness of Purpose: that is, a Mission that drives you with passion to succeed in your business, or career or life with guts, determination and an indomitable spirit to overcome challenges and obstacles with dignity and grace. However, the world is made up of a small Material Dimension and a Huge Limitless Parallel Spiritual Dimension. Human Beings are made up of a Mind (Intellect) and Body (material existence and source of passions and desires) and a Soul (which comes from the Spiritual Dimension, resides in the Body during our brief sojourn on Earth, and then returns to the Spiritual Dimension). The Soul, that is, the Spiritual Dimension is far more important than the brief Material (Physical Dimension). The passionate chase for money, lust, greed and enormous riches are simply a delusion. If you have not found your True Creator, then you have lost everything. We are Spiritual Souls on a Journey, coming from the Spiritual Dimension to experience the Physical Dimension for a brief moment, and then we return for all Eternity back to our Real Home: Death is not the End. The Grave is our portal to enter the Spiritual Dimension. Earth is our roadside Motel where we take a brief rest en-route to our Real and Final House. If we are deluded by the neon lights, temptations and glitter of the World and we then deny or reject our Creator, and cheat, kill and oppress our fellow humans,  then we will be lost forever in the Darkness of Eternity. However, if we understand, that our sole Mission on Earth is to find out clearly and exactly “Who?” Created me; and then spend the rest of my life in Obedience to His Commands and what He expects of me.


SEVENTH: Are there many Creators?  No. There is only One Supreme Creator. Is there a “god” for every Nation? No. Is every Religion acceptable to God? No. There is Only ONE True God for all of Mankind and for all time periods in the Eternity of the Past and the Eternity of the Future. The One True God is Allah (Sub'ha'na'hu Wa Ta'ala) [no one else], no matter how much you fail to understand this Basic Truth or hate Islam and Muslims. It is natural for followers of every Religion to believe that “their” Religion is the correct one and everyone else is misguided. Furthermore, it is a myth and fallacy to assume that “all roads or every road leads to God”; in a classroom of Grade 1 students, a Maths sum is put on the Board: 1+1=? Each of the 20 children gives a different answer. Only one student writes down: “2”. This is the ONLY possible correct answer, and the rest of the 19 children are wrong, no matter how much they have Faith in their own answer. 


EIGHTH: if, at this very moment, you are not worshipping Allah (Sub'ha'na'hu Wa Ta'ala) Alone, without associating any partners with Him, then you are on the Road to Error, no matter how fanatical you may be about your own Religion or Evolution or Atheism or Agnosticism. Islam is one of the Abrahamic Faiths (Judaism; Christianity; Islam) whose fundamental Truth is Monotheism: the unshakeable belief that there is Only ONE Indivisible Unseen God. If anyone introduces another “god” or splits the Original God into multiple “gods”, then it is no longer Monotheism, but Polytheism (belief in many gods: 3 gods; 33 gods, 1000 gods etc.)… a concept which is man-made, unfounded and will never be recognised by the One True God. If you do not recognise your Creator, you are a lost Soul, not only in the Physical World, but forevermore. Millions of people per year (25 Million per year, which is a 2% growth of the 2 Billion Muslim Population) are embracing Islam (making it the fastest growing Religion in the World, even though some of the Non-Muslims may hate or dislike this incredible growth despite their avalanche of falsehoods against Islam), without any force or compulsion {this is clear proof that Islam was NEVER spread by the sword, but it appeals to the heart and human intellect}. Ignorant or malicious people spew out hatred about Islam by reciting lies, false quotes and phrases about Islam. How do you get to speak to such a person, whose head is filled with stones and who talks like a parrot with an IQ commensurate with his/her age? The best reply to an internet troll is silence. Unfortunately, many good, kind and decent people all over the world develop a fear about Islam based on the Media, political propaganda and dubious internet sites. In addition, there are many people who may not be Muslims, but have the intelligence, honour and respect for Muslims and Islam and will often come to the defence of the helpless Muslims who are under unfair verbal abuse, physical attacks or warfare – they are the real heroes in this saga of Life.


NINTH: If you don’t believe in Evolution, but you are unsure if you are following the Correct Path to your Creator and thereby discover your most important Purpose in Life, please do the following simple exercise for a few days:  Take a good clean bath (head to toe) including a good brushing of the teeth; apply your special fragrance; find a quiet space for an hour or more. Wear very loose fitting clothes; Sit or kneel on the floor or prostrate by placing your forehead on the Ground in humility; remove all negative or other thoughts from your mind about all religions, politics, races, bills to pay, etc. and then speak directly to YOUR Creator from the depths of your heart filled with sincerity and emotions (you can whisper or speak in your mind with feeling and sincerity):


O my Creator! If the Religion that I am currently following is incorrect or it will lead me away from You or earn Your Displeasure, then please Guide me to the Correct Religion that will earn me Your Love and Closeness for all of Eternity.


O my Creator! If the Religion that I am currently following, is the Correct Religion, and it is the Straight Way to finding You and earning Your Pleasure, then O my Creator, strengthen me and keep me firm on this Way and never abandon me!


Do this exercise as often as you can until the fog lifts and clarity and Truth embraces your heart, mind and soul. If you are satisfied with your existing life and Religion, then so be it, and I respect your freedom to choose. However, if you get the feeling deep inside that Islam is the Primordial Religion of the Heavens and the Earth, then the Mercy of your Creator has Descended upon you, so that you finally affirm with absolute conviction and sincerity that:


I bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah (Sub'ha'na'hu Wa-Ta'ala) and I bear witness that the Prophet Mohamed (S.A.W. - Sal’lal’laa’hu A’lay’hi Was’sal’lam - Peace, salutations, Mercy and Blessings of Allah SWT be upon him & his family & his companions & all those who follow and love him) is His Beloved Ab’d (loyal servant) & Final Messenger (Seal of Prophets) for all of Mankind, and that the Holy Qur’an is the Latest and Final Divine Scripture (Seal of Scriptures) from the One True God to all of Humanity till the end of Time


The Arabic Transliteration of the above Sha’ha’da is as follows:  Ash’ha’doo Allah i’la’ha il’lal’laah Wa-Ash’ha’doo An’na Mohamed Abd’du’hu Wa-Ra’soo’lal’laah ’


TENTH: As mentioned earlier, we are all products of our environment. Most people believe in the Religion of their household or country. That Religion may or may not be the correct one, but in childhood, we accept everything what adults tell us. This is how our beliefs are formed. Is it possible to change your mind about your Religion or your view about people that you hate? Yes. For example, in Apartheid South Africa, the “White” race was brainwashed by the Government, Church, Priests, School, Media and the Dinner table that “White people are superior to all other races and these races should be subservient to us and should be placed in “Bantustans” –homelands” – similar to Gaza (Palestine) or the Native Indian Reservations. When Apartheid was dismantled, 80% of these White People lamented: How could we have been so stupid and so fooled and betrayed by people that we trusted? The same thing is happening with Religion. The only way to find the One True God, is to seek Him out. The responsibility is on you. When you read the Qur’an, a non-Muslim person filled with hate will read “poison, confusion and hate” while a believer or non-Muslim sincere seeker of the Truth who is Guided by Allah’s Love reads “beauty, forgiveness and Love” – this is the Miracle of the Qur’an.


ELEVENTH: I would encourage you to read at least 3 Books before you Die: [1] The Qur’an; [2] Biography of the Prophet Mohamed (Peace, salutations, Mercy and Blessings of Allah SWT be upon him); [3] Book of Nature. The “Book of Nature” is that you look and observe at everything in Nature (or view National Geographic) and then ponder and contemplate on the beauty and complexity of Nature that has been Created by an All-Supreme Creator for our benefit. My dear reader: my intention is simply to present Islam as I see it from a Muslim’s viewpoint, since I have indeed been fortunate to have been born and raised as a Muslim. I prefer to present Islam without condemning any other Religion, person or Nation, because I firmly believe in the Freedom of Choice and Free Will and that Islam emphasizes that “there is no compulsion in Islam (Religion)”. If I have unintentionally offended you in the least manner, then I do apologise to you in advance for this oversight on my part and sincerely hope that that will not stop you from reading further. There is no doubt that Islam is currently the fastest growing Religion in the World, yet this is happening without the use of a single sword, knife, gun or other weapon. What is the value of “Belief” or “Faith” if you are “forced” to make a life-changing Sacred Confirmation or you pretend to “believe” in a Religion in exchange for a loaf of bread in disaster-stricken areas? Religion is not about “numbers” but it is about the “quality” and sincerity of the people that comprise the sub-set of any Religion. The main question that you need to ask yourself is: does any Religion make sense to my brain and heart? Islam is the Religion that appeals to the intellect and requires rational thinking and logic as important criteria for firm unshakeable belief in the Unseen Hereafter and in the Unseen One True God


TWELFTH: Please ponder over the following. There is no Scientist who can give a clear explanation how the FIRST life started. Scientists cannot measure or test “Life”; if “Life” was an organ, then they could have transplanted in a patient in ICU. But Doctors and Scientists are still baffled at this Mystery called Life, yet the Evolutionists claim that life started on its own. Life did not start on its own. It is God Who started Life on Earth and no one else, without a shadow of a Doubt. My Dear reader: your life can be taken away before the next sunrise: please make a clear Decision: if you Believe in the One True God, Allah (Sub'ha'na'hu Wa Ta'ala), then you are in the Company of the Righteous Believers. If you reject the One True God, then you are in the Company of the Unbelievers destined for a humiliating punishment. My appeal to you is to please save yourself and your family and your loved ones. Don’t just say that you will decide “one day” – then it may be too late.


CONCLUSION: You have to embark on a Journey of Personal self-discovery so that when you finally see the Truth, you will be embraced by Peace, Contentment and Love for all Eternity, Insha-Allah (God-Willing). This fabulous way of Life has given meaning, purpose and tranquillity to 2 Billion Muslims as at February 2015. May all that is good for you and your family come to you in great abundance and may you live a Life that is filled with Purpose and Meaning that makes you yearn to finally meet your Majestic and Perfect Creator. Best wishes and warmest regards from Dr Ahmed Adam, [South Africa]


There is a God. He is fair and just, and He wants us to achieve the reward of Paradise. However, God has placed us in this worldly life as a test, to weed out the worthy from the unworthy. And we will be lost if left to our own devices. Why? Because we don’t know what He wants from us. We can’t navigate the twists and turns of this life without His Guidance, and hence, He has given us Guidance in the form of Revelation. - Dr. Laurence Brown


Sure, previous Religions have been corrupted, and that is one of the reasons why we have a chain of Revelation. Ask yourself: wouldn’t God send another Revelation if the preceding Scriptures were impure? If preceding Scriptures were corrupted, humans would need another Revelation, to keep upon the Straight Path of His Design. So we should expect preceding Scriptures to be corrupted, and we should expect the Final Revelation to be Pure and unadulterated, for we cannot imagine a Loving God leaving us astray. What we can imagine is God giving us a Scripture, and men corrupting it; God giving us another Scripture, and men corrupting it again … and again, and again. Until God sends a Final Revelation He Promises to preserve until the End of Time. Muslims consider this Final Revelation to be the Holy Quran. Why should we believe that Islam is the Religion of Truth, the Religion that possesses the Pure and Final Revelation? Don’t trust what people tell you: Trust our Creator. Read the Quran, read good books and study good websites. But whatever you do, get started, take it seriously, and pray for our Creator to Guide you. Your life may not depend on it, but your Soul most definitely does -Dr. Laurence Brown


If there is no God, then man and the universe are doomed. Like prisoners condemned to death, we await our unavoidable execution. There is no God, and there is no immortality. And what is the consequence of this? It means that life itself is absurd. It means that the life we have is without ultimate significance, value, or purpose.” ― William Lane Craig


The purpose of life is to find your way back to a spiritual way of thinking and living—to be able to get past the physical stuff. That’s pretty much the whole test. And every Soul is given talents and strengths to help them along the way.”  ― Wendy Higgins


[Dr Ahmed Adam, South Africa:

Current life for the past 10 years: victim of serious double gunshot injuries; Chronic illness; constant bone pain; spinal disability & traumatic brain injury; spend most of my time in deep thought in spiritual meditation in a Cave of Solitude. Pure Sunni Islam, embracing Qur’an and Sunnah. Dedicated student of Religion.]


My previous life: Dr Ahmed Adam brief bio

BSc.[ Zoology, Botany, Human Genetics]; BSc. (Med) [Human Physiology; Comparative Anatomy]; BSc. Hons (Anthropology, Astronomy & Evolution); MBBCh {Medical Doctor}; Strategic & Marketing Director of a 300 bed Private Hospital; Human Rights activist (Vice Chair: Human Rights Foundation); Life Coach and Leadership Training (NBI and Meta-Thinking utilising Whole Brain Thinking); TV host and presenter ; Public speaker, Motivation of Medical Personnel; CEO of Alpha Brain Creativity {Training & Development; the Amazing Human Brain}; Author of: “Islam in the Media”; “Coping with Chronic Illness- a Doctor’s personal battle”; “Marriage is a Relationship”; “The Amazing Brain”; “Hope and Positive Thinking”; “Passion for Education and Knowledge”; “Coping with Death”; “Hospital Management”; “Clinical Care”; “Goals”; “Time”]



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