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Asma Bint Abu Bakr Siddique (R.A)

“The Woman with 2 waist belts”

I am going to take you back, to glance into the life of a very sweet yet determined young woman by the name of Asma (R.A), daughter of Abu Bakr (R.A.), sister of Aisha (R.A.), wife of Az- Zubayr Awwam and sister in- law of our Beloved Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W).

Her story unfolds as the Prophet (S.A.W.) and his trusted companion Abu Bakr (R.A.) prepared to set off to Madina.

The reward was set at 100 camels to anyone who brought back Muhammed (S.A.W.) dead or alive. This was the representation of the disbeliever’s hatred for Islam. It was during this time that Abu Bakr (R.A.) and Rasulallah (S.A.W.) hid in the cave of Thawr. It was therefore very difficult to bring food to them as no one knew about their place of refuge and utmost carefulness had to be taken not to put Rasulallah (S.A.W.) life in danger.

Allah chose a young woman by the name of Asma (R.A.) to carry out this difficult task. In the quiet of the pitch black night, Asma would venture into the mountains to take food to the Prophet (S.A.W.) and his companion . Imagine how difficult this must have been for a woman, with the fear of being caught and losing her life, let alone being extremely careful for no one to notice her and to cover her tracks.

Her Courage

Upon searching for the Prophet (S.A.W.) and his companion, Abu Jahl went straight  to Asma(R.A.) , banging rudely on the door. When she opened, he furiously demanded ” Where is your father?!!” She was very witty and replied ” How would I know??” The reason I say she was witty is because this was neither an answer nor a lie.. but instead a question to the ruthless man. He became furious and slapped Asma across the face causing her earing to fall to the ground. Feeling hurt by the sting of his heavy hand, Asma stood firmly, not showing any sign of tears or weakness nor apologizing to him, after all.. there was absolutely no need to.

Rasulallah (S.A.W.) was very fond of her and admired her determination to quickly bring forward solutions. He gave her the nickname of “ Dhaatoen – Nataaqeen” ( woman with 2 waist- belts) due to the fact that when he and Abu Bakr (R.A.) set off to Madina, Asma (R.A.) prepared their food for the journey but did not have a rope to tie the bag close so she divided her waist belt into 2 and used the one part to tie the bag closed.. The Prophet (S.A.W) was so impressed that he said to her, she would enter Jannah and have 2 waist belts there instead of 1”

 As a wife and mother

When Asma (R.A.) married Az- Zubayr, the only thing he owned was a horse. As a wife, she was very patient and forebearing. I felt so sorry for her, when I read that she actually walked 2 miles to carry date stones as part of her chores and yet, she never complained. She was a very sensitive wife and cared about her husband’s feelings as top of her priorities.. Her sense of loyalty, was unwavering.. as I discovered the story of how one day, while carrying hay on her head walking in the heat, she was seen by Rasulallah (S.A.W.). Immediately he made his camel kneel down beside her so that she may take a ride instead of walking. She was so shy and loyal that the only thing she thought about was the fact that her husband would be jealous and instead she told the Prophet (S.A.W) to carry on without her.

Asma (R.A.) was also the mother of one of the bravest young men, by the name of Abdullah bin Zubayr who was the leader of an army.  There came a time when a battle broke out between his army and another. Nearing defeat, Zubayr went to his mother and asked her whether he should surrender fearing that his enemy would cut up his body and bring it to her.  With tears in her eyes she looked at him and told him that he was her little Hero and that fear of death should never stand in the way of a truly courageous man. She said “Come close to me my son, that I may smell and feel your body for one last time”. She kissed his forehead and raised her hands to the Heavens saying :”O Allah, I commend him to your cause and I am pleased with whatever you decree for him. Grant me for his sake the reward of those who are patient and who persevere”

Her words caused tears to flow down his face but his heart beamed because these were the words of his mother, who now reassured him that Allah was with him”

By sunset, Abdullah bin Zubayr died courageously as a martyr. A few days later Asma (R.A.) passed on at the age of 100.

Allah set Asma (R.A.) as an example to both women and men. To teach us that having all the riches in the world does not equal to ultimate success but by attaining  piety, couragesness, intelligence and a sense of calmness leads to eternal happiness.

Towards her old age she was blind, yet age never blurred the sharpness of her intellect, the courage in her heart nor the integrity of her soul.

May Allah guide us to to embody these qualities into our own sparkling personalities ..

Inshallah, Ameen