A letter a mother would leave for her child:

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To my Dear Daughter, If I'm not there to help you prepare for this next chapter of your life, to help you decide who to spend your life with, to be there to share your joys and sadness, your girly giggles and your painful tears, know this ... Know that no matter who you find, he is NOT your Mr Right; Allah is. HE is the One to depend on. HE is the One who will make everything alright. Your husband will be your friend, but take Allah as your BF (Best Friend). When things are good, be grateful to HIM, and when things aren’t so good, cry to HIM. Know that your success isn’t in being the world to this man. Your success and your worthiness is from Allah. You are not incomplete without him. You were beautiful, complete, and worthy before you married. Don’t try to change him into someone he is not. Don’t nag him to get your way and don’t be afraid to love him. But love moderately. Maintain your own happiness. Don’t become so full of him that you are empty inside. Fill your being with the remembrance of Allah. Know that you will have ups and downs. That's normal. And know that when you have downs, it doesn’t equal divorce. Know that if you have children, they'll be watching you, just like you watched me. Know that if you distance yourself from him, he may distance himself from you too, so don’t be afraid to be the first to come back. Remember to make him feel important and appreciated. If you don't, who else will? Know that if you want the man of your dreams, become the woman of your own dreams first. Remember you have faults too. Work on them before you correct them. Get your examples from the Mothers of the Believers and female companions, not the celebrities on TV or in movies. I know that even though you saw your father & I smile & play, and you saw me greet him at the door when he came home (even if I just saw him), I also had a tear-stained prayer mat. But I stayed. Because I knew you needed me. I stayed because Allah made marriage to make us better people, to give us companionship in this troublesome world. Know that I want happiness & love for you. Better than what I had myself. And know that the only way to get it is by sticking to Allah. And lastly, know that I love you!